Our standard UV safety kit is good for any hand held UV operator, assistant or bystander within a 30ft radius. We have carefully tested and updated this safety kit over the last 30 years in order to protect our customers and their personnel. We test and revise on a regular basis to make sure that we are offering the best quality and the safest possible equipment to protect against the ever present danger that exists when using unguarded UV lamps.We also offer a range of Blue Angel curtains a standard door size complete with rod and safety signs, We can customize larger curtains to suit specific area dimensions, you will need to call for a quote. We also offer cut to size window filters that attach to both glass and plastic windows easily, and even attach simply to door windows for extra protection. 

Our faceshield protects the facial skin and eyes from UV light. A high quality polycarbonate face mask with a chin wrap and flip up ratchet.

Safety shirt comes in one size XL (special sizes can be custom ordered) and prevents penetration of UV light to skin. A close weave UV resistant cotton shirt. The shirt can be machine washed and dried but should be turned inside out before washing and do not iron. Always wear opaque full-length trousers, and not shorts, when working with UV light.

A pair of sturdy leather gauntlets, we purposely provide these as it is important to make sure there is no exposure where the glove meets the sleeve. Made from heavy-duty split leather, these gloves protect the user from heat and harmful UV ray.

The curtain is made from a soft see through plastic that has the correct pigmentation to block all spectrums of UV light. There are brightly colored warning signs on the outside and curious onlookers can see through the curtain and watch the cure operation in safety Curtain rings and 48 in. rod included. We can also customize to fit any size you need, you can even build a complete UV room.

All materials are NFPA-701 approved.