The Sidekick UV Curing unit is a highly efficient 400 watt defocused UVIII cure system. Ideal for scanning areas up to 5 /10 sq ft. A computer controlled power supply monitors lamp output/temp to maximize lamp life. Lightweight, 3.5 lb head is easy to maneuver. This unit is comfortable scanning large areas or spot curing repairs. And it’s an economical choice that will pay you back in days, not months.

The Sidekick unit is powerful and fast. It goes from start ready-to-use in 50 seconds. Change the lamp in 10 seconds. Ideal lightweight personal UV unit if you do business in Europe and in the USA this unit will work in both locations. Cures most clear coatings ,adhesives, and hard coats. Great for R&D and as a customer demo tool

Power Requirements:

  • 220/230 /240 Vac 50/60 Hz 1 phase

Sidekick UV Curing Unit

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Head : W 4.5" X L 7.5" X H 3.5"
  • Power pack: W 6"X L 10" X H 3.5"
  • Head : 3.5 lbs
  • Power supply: 7.5lbs ship weight 15lbs

Operating Temeratures:

  • 35-120°F approx

Lamp Life Wavelength:

  • 700 to 900 hrs
  • Depending on the number of off/on cycles
  • 365 NM UV A & B primarily


We offer individual safety kit’s. As well as UV safety glasses, these are acceptable protection when you are 20+ ft from the UV source. Lamp contains small qty of Mercury and should be disposed of in accordance with local and Federal regulations.


  • 2 year parts warranty. On all parts except lamps which are a consumable part.