A UV III GREEN PROCESS. Ideal starter unir for a flooring contractor UVFloorcure is a very effective 1,500 watt, Dual-purpose, flood cure unit. It is rugged, heavy duty, simple to use with modular construction for easy transportation and 4 swivel wheels for moving in tight areas. Ask about our new range of High Tech green coatings.

  • Powerful 375 watt per inch air-cooled unit.
  • Starting at $3,400.
  • Offers large area coverage approx. 15" to 22" cure path, variable for different coatings.
  • Safety gear required, must be operated in a restricted area. Can be shielded with Blue Angel curtain system.
  • Rapid Restart.
  • Industrial strength UV, direct from the factory in Vermont where the units are built to last.
  • Works well on floors and as a hand tool for hard to reach places, countertops, wood refinishing on cabinets. 
  • Uses enough power to cure rapidly and still run on regular outlets.

 FloorcurePower Requirements:

  • 120/110 Vac 60 Hz 1 phase, 13.5 amp.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Head: W 5.25" X L 11.00" X H 4.00"
  • Cart Head: 3.5 lbs. Power pack & cart: 49 lbs.

Operating Temperatures:

  • 35-120°F approx.

Lamp Life Wavelength:

  • 1,200 to1,400 hrs. 365 NM Broadband UVABC Depending on the number of off/on cycles.

Safety Instructions:

Do not expose skin and eyes to UV light. All UV light is carcinogenic in varying degrees. Use in restricted area do not expose others. DO not wear shorts or sandals when using.

Wear safety Gear* and use with a UV III Blue Angel safety curtain.

*We offer individual safety kits, as well as UV safety glasses. These are acceptable protection when you are 25+ ft. from the UV source. This unit is not intended for use in an occupied facility such as lining in a factory that is operating.

Suggested Uses:

Ideal for floors, countertops and three dimensional items. Cures most clear coatings, adhesives, hard coats, some opaque depending on formulation. Used on bathtubs, floors, countertops, aircraft windshields and exteriors, boats, musical instruments, silk screening,


  • 5-year parts warranty -- longest in the industry.
  • Lamps are warranted to start.
  • For specifics see separate warranty sheet.