The UV4XL Modular UV Curing tool is a powerful 375 watt per inch air cooled unit that offers large area coverage. A rugged and heavy-duty unit that is still simple to use. Its modular construction makes for easy transportation. And it’s an economical choice that will pay you back in days, not months. Industrial strength UV, direct from the factory in Vermont where the units are built, built to last.

The UV III CureKing portable, The UV III CureKing portable, Aluminum and stainless steel lamp head and extruded aluminium heat sink body compact, lightweight, power pack enclosure. Sturdy construction. 500 watt input defocused-flood unit, forced air cooled head. Fast change lamp system allows lamp change in 10 seconds. Offers higher UV output When compared to other lamps on the market. Readings can be as high as 600 mW/cm².

Very popular for spot repair on wood furniture and Guitars.

The Sidekick UV Curing unit is a highly efficient 400 watt defocused UVIII cure system. Ideal for scanning areas up to 5 /10 sq ft. A computer controlled power supply monitors lamp output/temp to maximize lamp life. Lightweight, 3.5 lb head is easy to maneuver. This unit is comfortable scanning large areas or spot curing repairs. And it’s an economical choice that will pay you back in days, not months.

The UV III "SPOTCURE" is a portable UV Curing unit with a brushed aluminum body and sturdy construction. It is a 400 watt defocused-flood unit that is forced air cooled. The Spotcure is a great starter unit and is the least expensive 400 watt unit on the market. It cures adhesives and spot repairs

A UV III GREEN PROCESS. Ideal starter unir for a flooring contractor UVFloorcure is a very effective 1,500 watt, Dual-purpose, flood cure unit. It is rugged, heavy duty, simple to use with modular construction for easy transportation and 4 swivel wheels for moving in tight areas. Ask about our new range of High Tech green coatings.

UV III Cure Buddy is a portable 1,200 watt performance, defocused-flood unit and is forced air cooled. The cure body has a sturdy aluminum body and head. An excellent starter unit that is ideal for medium size parts and three dimensional items. Cure footprint area is 12" approx 12" X 12"