Mobile & Handheld Systems

Keep your UV curing system portable with a handheld UV curing system. Can be used for many different applications with 110 and 220 volts available together with a full range of materials. Used on all types of floors, counter tops, aircraft interiors, boats, musical instruments, steel storage tanks, for superior corrosion protection. 


UV Ovens

Guitar and large item manufacturers prefer the Surecure and Ecocure units. No safety equipment needed! totally enclosed unit with door safety switches Suggested uses: Ideal for three dimensional items. 


Safety Equipment

Safety is important! We offer a full line of safety equipment to keep you protected. Our UV Safety Kit includes a face shield, gloves and a shirt. We also offer the Blue Angel saftey curtain that will allow you to watch the cure operation in complete safety.

Avoid exposure to UV light, as it is harmful to human tissue. UV light is carcinogenic, and causes damage to eyes and skin. UV safety kit includes face shield, gloves, and shirt. Blue Angel safety curtain. Also available: fully enclosed, interlocking door switches, light-shielding observation panels. 


Custom Equipment

Chain-on-edge, conveyorized systems, custom lamp configuration, controls designed around product. Call for more information.

Replacement Parts

A full range of spare parts for all equipment manufactured in the last fifteen years is kept on hand and available for immediate shipment. We supply replacement equipment for UV III manufactured systems. If you would rather ship a problematic unit to us for diagnosing and repair, please call for an RA number prior to shipping.

We are also able to undertake modifications and updating on equipment that we have built.