3D Curing Systems3D Curing SystemsUV curing was traditionally used in flat-line applications such as printing and flooring. UV III Systems, Inc. pioneered the notion that using a defocused lamp, without a specific focal point, it was possible to cure a finish on three-dimensional substrates. This was an exciting time in the UV curing industry, because suddenly manufacturers could cure an infinite number of products. The realization that UV was not just for printing any more became a reality.

Ultraviolet curing, or UV curing, is a process that uses ultraviolet light to quickly dry specially formulated materials applied to a substrate. An example of UV curing would be the high gloss finish found on a guitar, cars, or some pieces of furniture. The advantage UV has is that it dries quickly to a durable finish.

The process began in the printing industry. Manufacturers have applied UV curable finishes for many years, and recently, commercial finishers have begun using the process to finish counter tops, and decorative concrete. We even have some customers who are artists and dry glue and coatings for special applications.

The applications for UV Curing are almost endless. Here are some of the ways UV III can help