Printing Money

Printing money

JDSUniphase pigment division has a UV4 XL they use it in their lab where they develop optically variable pigment (OVP) technology, which produces color-shifting and other optical effects, and its holographic technologies are used to combat forgers.

Look at a $20 bill bottom right the ink that changes from gold to green. We're helping our customers make money!

Guitar Manufacturing

Guitar Manufacturing

Taylor Guitar:

Taylor Guitar has 16-yr. old custom-built units in their manufacturing plant. They use Sidekicks in European repair centers and Spotcures in their repair training center. There are approximately 70 units across the US and Canada at Taylor Guitar repair centers.

Rickenbacker Guitar

Rickenbacker Guitar, Suppliers to the Beatles:

They use an Ecocure and a custom built Surecure as well as a UV4 hand held, A really well organized operation they finish today and ship tomorrow. ZERO inventory = Zero cost of inventory, this cost saving in parts, and storage space will usually pay the cost of UV equipment to speed up your drying process.



A great combination, carbon fiber strength, real wood beauty and an optional UV finish second to none. Unique designs They have a UV III Ecocure the only unit that once its set for your product you don't need menus, you don't need to customize it will cure any guitar you put in its so simple to use you don't need teams of factory experts you just close the door , turn the switch and push a button. Ovation also has hand held units and units that they have customized themselves using our lamps. Ovation was a 3D UV, UV III cure pioneer some 15 years ago and their UV units are still running daily.

Carbon Components

Clear Carbon Components:

Makes Carbon fiber instruments and finishes them to a high gloss finish using a UV4 XL hand held unit he has built instruments for Yoyo Ma the world famous cellist. Real high quality level.

Acoustic Design

New Millennium Acoustic Design:

Builders of high quality Carbon fiber Mandolins they use a UV4 hand held They eliminated multiple coats of conventional materials by using UV.

ID's on PC Boards

Printing PC boards


GE has used our 40" custom UV units for drying printed id's on pc boards at high speed.


Executive Jets

Executive jets have been using several UV4 XL's to finish the interior panels in their executive jets across the US and around the world.



Calgary Countertops:

Calgary countertops have two UV4 XL hand held units that they use to refurbish countertops. Real craftsmen they have perfected their technique and are turning out some really spectacular work. Pioneers in this sector of the industry they have been very successful and offer a 100% money back guarantee the true mark of a craftsman.


Defense Industry:

Custom UV Curing System - Defense Industry

Raytheon, Missile plant, Billerica, MA

Our assignment was to design and build a UV cure system to cure the control cable from top to bottom of a stinger missile unit. This was the final operation in the missile's manufacture the substrate was composite Kevlar .

Although the missile was loaded with propellant and explosive due to the then secret nature of the weapon the ignition point of explosive and propellant were classified. We were told make it "as cool a cure as you can."

We never read about our machine in the newspapers! We were not present for testing.

Custom UV Curing System - Defense Industry

Textron Defense Systems, RI

Our assignment was to build a retrofit power booster unit to increase the UV power output on a conveyor provided by another manufacturer. This unit was used to cure internal components for the company's "Tank Buster. weapon" UV coating was used to prevent vibration during a high speed spin prior to the weapon penetrating the armor plate and ultimately exploding inside the tank.