UV Ovens

large item manufacturers wanting to improve UV dry times prefer the Surecure and Ecocure units.

we offer complete UV solutions including UV installation, We are able to offer preproduction sampling runs on your products

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UV Light Boxes

Instruments, Wood Cabinetry and More!

Handheld UV curing systems to UV Cure Guitars.  Ultraviolet Curing systems, for UV countertops, ukuleles, composites.

Can be used for many different applications with 110 and 220 volts plus European voltages available. more >

Mobile Systems


UV docking stations, powered rotators, customized safety curtains, floor carts, different style handles, high powered fans.more >

Replacement Parts

Replacement Lamps and Spare Parts: We stock components to repair any UV3 unit built in the last 30 years.

Safety Equipment

Everything you need to keep you safe when using UV Curing Equipment. All tested in our laboratory to ensure your safety on the job. more >

Custom Equipment

High speed UV drying systems, designed to meet your needs and budget,designed around product to give you results. more >

About UV


Recently received customer comment from Rick:

"Got the equipment Wednesday.. ran my first test run this morning works GREAT!!  Setting up the production line next week.
Thanks for the help and making this affordable."
Rick is building his own conveyorized UV system for his start up company


UV curing , the way to increase that bottom line, speed up throughput increase quality. Make a better product with less effort and cost. Make green work for you, we have 30 years experience we will show you how! 

Three dimensional applications started working in the mid-eighties as more coatings, adhesives, and ink formulators developed formulas for a variety of substrates. Our original three-dimensional customers had production lines for large output items: electroplaters, vacuum metalizers, injection molders. We developed a following of industrial finishers who wanted to remove the bottlenecks of painted partswaiting to dry. We found manufacturers of perfume bottles, liquor closures, headlamp and flashlight reflectors, golf balls, and electronics. In the early nineties, we helped guitar manufacturers apply UV to their instruments, handheld UV light curing systems, became much more popular. We saw many luthiers achieve success as we helped develop the technology for genuine three dimensional ultraviolet curing. As UV Guitar Finishing flourished and spread throughout the music industry we expanded and added more Ultraviolet curing systems, for use in aerospace, automotive, countertops,UV coating and refurbishing, UV III offers total cure instant dry on wood, cement, vinyl we now offer the largest variety of Hand Held UV for use in many industry.

  • We offer factory direct selling, no middleman, we give our customers the price breaks.
  • Our tech support is second to none.
  • Most units have  5 year part warranties.
  • Reliability we have a 30 year track record building UV systems for one man businesses and multi-nationals.
  • We care about our customers!

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